18 November 2011

Joe's Surprise Birthday Party {Mr. GQ}

Aside from all of the overtime I've been putting in lately at the office,
I decided I also wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for my Mr!
Soooo much more work than I thought, but totally worth it when
he walked in and was completely surprised! 

Here's a little re-cap of what I've been up to the past few weeks! ;)

Joe's 26th was on Nov 8th, so I decided to throw this bash on the following Saturday
and told all of his friends to say they were busy when he called them to go out for his bday.
They all felt so bad, but I knew it would be worth it! ;)

So many times throughout my planning, I thought Joe was on to me...
I had text messages coming in from my 'Joey Bear's SURPRISE bday' fb event wall
and was sneakishly avoiding conversation about his birthday and friends to keep
myself from giggling and laughing about what I was doing behind the scenes!
It was SO hard!
I had huge poster board in the back seat of my car all week prior to the party
for the large step & repeat board I made to take pictures by (logo's not showing, obvi)
... he never noticed (!?!)
The girls who work at the gym almost brought up the party right in front of him the day of!
And my day of 'hair appointment' (decoration set-up) was almost 4 hours long!
Whew, surprise parties are tough!

So anyway, Joe knew I was taking him out for his birthday dinner on saturday night,
and then for some reason thought we were going to the movies after, so I just went with it!
The morning of the party, he asked me if I was up to something, and I thought 'great,
he definitely knows :(' but I talked my little way out of it and he believed me :)

That night we went to Chen Chow in Birmingham and some how I had to convince him
to go get a drink somewhere else after dinner and before the 'movie' started! eeep!
It just so happen to be cold out and I didn't wear a coat so he thought I was crazy 
to want to go somewhere else when we already had a nice cozy table. crap.
I gave him my cute meggy voice and told him:
'but we never get to come down here together, c'mon' ;)
and he said 'okaaay, but you better have a place in mind 
so we're not just wondering around in the cold!'
lol, yesssss! It just so happens I do, mwahahah. ;)

Luckily, he doesn't know the area as well as I do, so he had no idea that the movie theater 
was right around the corner, and I took him a few blocks down to where 
I was hosting the party. South Bar.

I could hardly take the wait, so as soon as we got inside, I asked him to go to the bathroom with me
because the room I reserved is on the way and as we walked by I pulled him into his party and everyone yelled:
And he was!
GQ theme for my GQ honey


The best part was just seeing how happy & thankful he was.
I love him so much, I would throw him a surprise party every day if I could! hehe
He's amazing.



Allison said...

What a fun party! I love the paparazzi GQ backdrop.

Liesl said...

First off, you dress and that color is beautiful on you!!! Love the GQ themed party and backdrop like the red carpet! So FUN!!! Also, I love that he was so thankful...that would be the best part for me too! Love the Veuve Clicquot too! ;)

Liesl :)

Carrie said...

you guys are adorable! i love your dress. it's so pretty. and the color just looks beautiful on you.
Happy birthday to him! :D


Kristen said...

so cute! i love your blog lady.
mikie and kristen