14 February 2012

Meg Loves {LOVE}

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I woke up extra early to surprise the hubby with breakfast in bed.
It feels good to do sweet things for him, I was so excited to wake him up :)

The other night, I was prepping for our office Valentine's Day party,
and I made some extra sweets for Joe and I.
Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries & Raspberries.
I got this recipe from Pinterest. Sooo delish & easy! You must try it!

We had our office party a day early, 
we've started a new tradish, "Harris Happy Hour",
every couple weeks we have a themed potluck lunch hour.
We've had two so far & so far so good!
We did one for Super Bowl & now Valentine's Day...
We're currently trying to figure out our next event.

I love the feeling of 'love' in the air and doing special things
with the people in your life. Whether it be, breakfast in bed,
a new dessert, or an office potluck... I hope all of you
find something special to celebrate today and every day!

hugs & kissies,


whitney said...

such a cute idea for work happy hours!

you should do st. patricks day! a bet you could find a lot of cute green things to make!

Jeremy and Megan said...

This is SO cute Meg!! I wish we did fun things like this in my office but our office is SO small! You could do a winter theme with *sparkle* since the snow came back! (boo!) or a countdown to SPRING! :)

Miss Sophie Olivia said...

Oh, how lovely! Such a sweet idea.

Sophie x

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post, darling!
Must try to make those cheesecake stuffed berries!


Lindsay said...

you are such a sweet wife! i need to make those strawberries SOON!


Michelle said...

You are too sweet! Maybe I should have done this for the hubs ;)

So glad to have found your blog! Newest follower!

Val said...

Love this...you are such a good wife.

Sara said...

This is so cute!

Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

so sweet, you area a good wife-y

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Those cheesecake stuffed strawberries look so good!

Mesmerize said...

great post and photos:) so jumy:D
please visit me in free time:)

Katie @ Lady Million said...

Truly loving your blog and posts! The design is simple, yet amazing. Would you like to follow each other doll? Let me know!

Lady Million

Susan Graves said...

Really adorable.Your decorations are truly chic and beautiful.You are such a good woman.