12 February 2012

Meg Tries {Misikko}

I've been on the market for a new flat iron for the past couple of months
so when Misikko approached me about trying their new 
HANA Titanium 1.5" flat iron, it was just meant to be!

I was surprised when it arrived with all of these extra goodies.
My favorite part is the nice flat iron case (right side of pic), 
which will be great for traveling, as well as the towel head wrap. 
I've been using it after the shower, I put on my leave-in conditioner 
and then wrap it up to help it absorb and finish getting ready - it's so much 
better than trying to walk around with a huge heavy towel on your head!
 I was also happy that I can adjust the temperature and it goes up to like 450 degrees.
So I spent a few weeks testing this flat iron out before doing a post, 
because I wanted to get comfortable using it and I typically curl my hair everyday.
I like the volume and the bounce from using curling irons & like I said I was in the
market for a new flat iron so I didn't have a really good one to use.  After a few weeks
of using the Hana, I'm starting to like doing my hair straight a couple days a week.
I'm still getting used to the smaller size, my old one was larger, and I'm getting
used to the plates as well, it doesn't seem to glide through my hair as smooth as
my old ceramic flat iron, but it may have something to do with needing to use
smaller sections of hair, I'm still getting used to that also.

So here is my hair just after I blow dry it, 
kind of fluffy and the ends don't look very smooth,
but there is volume which I like.

Here is my hair after using the HANA Titanium. Definitely smoother, 
and my hair looks more styled and cleaned up. I just have a few fly-aways to spray down.
 Overall, I like the results! I plan to keep getting more comfortable with it,
but I also would love to try out the Chi Hair Straighteners - do any of you have one?
I've heard good things about them, would love to know which one you recommend!



Nicole said...

Meg, I have a CHI and nothing compares. I also LOVE LOVE that you can curl your hair with the chi and do other fun waves & stuff with it too! You should invest in one. Its worth the money! xx

Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

I also like T3, I feel like it doesn't burn your hair as much

Jeremy and Megan said...

I LOVE my CHI but have heard great things about the HANA brand as well!!

Would you recommend it? Maybe I should bring over my CHI and use your HANA and we can compare! :)

LOVE your pics! Miss you!!