14 February 2012

Meg Loves {LOVE}

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I woke up extra early to surprise the hubby with breakfast in bed.
It feels good to do sweet things for him, I was so excited to wake him up :)

The other night, I was prepping for our office Valentine's Day party,
and I made some extra sweets for Joe and I.
Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries & Raspberries.
I got this recipe from Pinterest. Sooo delish & easy! You must try it!

We had our office party a day early, 
we've started a new tradish, "Harris Happy Hour",
every couple weeks we have a themed potluck lunch hour.
We've had two so far & so far so good!
We did one for Super Bowl & now Valentine's Day...
We're currently trying to figure out our next event.

I love the feeling of 'love' in the air and doing special things
with the people in your life. Whether it be, breakfast in bed,
a new dessert, or an office potluck... I hope all of you
find something special to celebrate today and every day!

hugs & kissies,

12 February 2012

Meg Tries {Misikko}

I've been on the market for a new flat iron for the past couple of months
so when Misikko approached me about trying their new 
HANA Titanium 1.5" flat iron, it was just meant to be!

I was surprised when it arrived with all of these extra goodies.
My favorite part is the nice flat iron case (right side of pic), 
which will be great for traveling, as well as the towel head wrap. 
I've been using it after the shower, I put on my leave-in conditioner 
and then wrap it up to help it absorb and finish getting ready - it's so much 
better than trying to walk around with a huge heavy towel on your head!
 I was also happy that I can adjust the temperature and it goes up to like 450 degrees.
So I spent a few weeks testing this flat iron out before doing a post, 
because I wanted to get comfortable using it and I typically curl my hair everyday.
I like the volume and the bounce from using curling irons & like I said I was in the
market for a new flat iron so I didn't have a really good one to use.  After a few weeks
of using the Hana, I'm starting to like doing my hair straight a couple days a week.
I'm still getting used to the smaller size, my old one was larger, and I'm getting
used to the plates as well, it doesn't seem to glide through my hair as smooth as
my old ceramic flat iron, but it may have something to do with needing to use
smaller sections of hair, I'm still getting used to that also.

So here is my hair just after I blow dry it, 
kind of fluffy and the ends don't look very smooth,
but there is volume which I like.

Here is my hair after using the HANA Titanium. Definitely smoother, 
and my hair looks more styled and cleaned up. I just have a few fly-aways to spray down.
 Overall, I like the results! I plan to keep getting more comfortable with it,
but I also would love to try out the Chi Hair Straighteners - do any of you have one?
I've heard good things about them, would love to know which one you recommend!


22 January 2012

Meg Goes {to Colorado}

I hope you haven't forgotten about me!
I've been so absent from the blog world lately because the hubby 
& I had a lot going on over the holidays with family being in
from out-of-state and then a random spur-of-the-moment ski trip to CO!

I've been excited to share this trip with you
and have some life-changing news to share 
with you all very soon! So please stay tuned! :)

 Our friends Nancy & Russ are the sweetest hosts ever!
We started our trip in Colorado Springs and were welcomed by our adorable guest room 
The next day we headed over to Breckenridge to this beaut of a cabin rental!

 Downtown Breckenridge!

Nancy & I took a ski lesson and went from level 1 to level 3 skiers in just 1 day! So proud! ;) 
Joe loves to snowboard so he spent his time doing that.

 Russ & Nancy! Our last day in Breckenridge :(

We ended back in Colorado Springs and went to the Garden of The Gods. So pretty!

Can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs, dolls!
I've missed you!


22 December 2011

O Christmas Tree

 I love looking at amazingly decorated Christmas trees
and I've always loved a golden classic tree like the 
one below at the home of jewelry designer, Kendra Scott.
(Check out her blog for more details on this gorgeous tree.)
It's so warm, cozy & inviting.... & perfect.
I've often thought to myself recently, that when MR & I begin having bambino's
we will from that point forward have two tree's.. one for the kids & one for me :)
I know how fun it is to have a colorful tree when you're a wee one
so something like Kourtney Kardashian's tree below works just perfectly.

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Merry Christmas!


14 December 2011

Merry & Bright.

Don't you just LOVE the holidays?
I truly can't get enough!

This was the first snows of the season!
Such a pretty view from inside of Toast.

 & I love poinsettias throughout the house..  

...Joe and I decided to do stockings for our little nephews & neice.. 
& it just so happens their names start with A, B, C, & D :) haha

My owl ornament from Anthropologie is my favorite :)  

 I went with a silver & gold theme for presents 
and bought the silver santa paper for our niece & nephews :) 

 Birmingham is so pretty during the holidays,
I love the lights at Shain Park...
& the beautiful view of them from The Townhouse :) 

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with family & friends over
the next few weeks!
I hope all of you are able to do the same!

Have a very merry & bright holiday season, dolls!

20 November 2011

Meg Loves {OnlineShoes.com}

I just received my new pair of Clarks booties from OnlineShoes.com
and I'm excited to finally share them with you. I've become quite obsessed
with little booties this Fall and can't stop adding them to my collection.
I just got the the 'Mary Margaret Olive Leather Boots
from the Indigo by Clarks line and they are so cute and comfortable.
What I like most is that they come up a little higher and they cover my leggings nicely.
Some of the shorter booties hit right at the end of my leggings so I have to becareful
and make sure my black socks cover and hold them down. No need to worry with
these booties though!

I also love these because I can wear them all day long and my feet don't get sore
or tired. I wear them all day at work or even to go shopping in, like today :)

 Look at how cute my hubs is... We're thinking about having him do 
some guest posts here and there, GQ style ;) What do you think?
Oh - Wanna see what I bought from Pottery Barn? :)
These super cute wine bottle sayings for the Holidays.
They have 'Cheers' or 'Peace'
I bought 2 'Cheers' - they're so festive and fun :)


Well dolls,
I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend!

I'm traveling to Toronto this week for work!
I'm sure I'll have some exciting things to share with you
when I get back... I've never been before :)

Talk soon!

18 November 2011

Joe's Surprise Birthday Party {Mr. GQ}

Aside from all of the overtime I've been putting in lately at the office,
I decided I also wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for my Mr!
Soooo much more work than I thought, but totally worth it when
he walked in and was completely surprised! 

Here's a little re-cap of what I've been up to the past few weeks! ;)

Joe's 26th was on Nov 8th, so I decided to throw this bash on the following Saturday
and told all of his friends to say they were busy when he called them to go out for his bday.
They all felt so bad, but I knew it would be worth it! ;)

So many times throughout my planning, I thought Joe was on to me...
I had text messages coming in from my 'Joey Bear's SURPRISE bday' fb event wall
and was sneakishly avoiding conversation about his birthday and friends to keep
myself from giggling and laughing about what I was doing behind the scenes!
It was SO hard!
I had huge poster board in the back seat of my car all week prior to the party
for the large step & repeat board I made to take pictures by (logo's not showing, obvi)
... he never noticed (!?!)
The girls who work at the gym almost brought up the party right in front of him the day of!
And my day of 'hair appointment' (decoration set-up) was almost 4 hours long!
Whew, surprise parties are tough!

So anyway, Joe knew I was taking him out for his birthday dinner on saturday night,
and then for some reason thought we were going to the movies after, so I just went with it!
The morning of the party, he asked me if I was up to something, and I thought 'great,
he definitely knows :(' but I talked my little way out of it and he believed me :)

That night we went to Chen Chow in Birmingham and some how I had to convince him
to go get a drink somewhere else after dinner and before the 'movie' started! eeep!
It just so happen to be cold out and I didn't wear a coat so he thought I was crazy 
to want to go somewhere else when we already had a nice cozy table. crap.
I gave him my cute meggy voice and told him:
'but we never get to come down here together, c'mon' ;)
and he said 'okaaay, but you better have a place in mind 
so we're not just wondering around in the cold!'
lol, yesssss! It just so happens I do, mwahahah. ;)

Luckily, he doesn't know the area as well as I do, so he had no idea that the movie theater 
was right around the corner, and I took him a few blocks down to where 
I was hosting the party. South Bar.

I could hardly take the wait, so as soon as we got inside, I asked him to go to the bathroom with me
because the room I reserved is on the way and as we walked by I pulled him into his party and everyone yelled:
And he was!
GQ theme for my GQ honey


The best part was just seeing how happy & thankful he was.
I love him so much, I would throw him a surprise party every day if I could! hehe
He's amazing.